After an absence of 41yrs, the Honda Dax is set to finally return to Europe, joining the Monkey and the MSX125 Grom in Honda’s unique mini-bike line-up.

With its iconic pressed steel T-shaped frame, no other motorcycle, big or small, cuts the same shape as the Dax. The frame, which extends from under the seat to the chrome handlebars, is reminiscent of a Dachshund with its short legs and long body, which led to the naming of the original ST50 Dax in 1969.

The 23YM Dax keeps the unmistakeable, iconic look of the original, with the frame (which also houses the fuel tank) providing plenty of strength for two up riding. Suspension is taken care of by 31mm USD forks matched to twin rear shocks. Completing the classic look, these are paired to blacked out 12in mini-bike wheels, complete with fat, balloon-like tyres which allow effortless around-town agility. Lighting is full LED and the Dax features a striking, compact negative LCD display, chrome handlebars and pillion grab rail.

Delivering smooth power and torque from the EURO5 compliant 124cc SOHC two valve, air- cooled engine, the Dax features a centrifugal clutch and four speed gearbox for relaxed, enjoyable riding, solo or two up.

The 23YM Dax will be available in two dynamic colour options: Pearl Nebula Red and Pearl Cadet Grey, complete with both a classic Honda Wing logo and a model logo featuring the eponymous canine.

  • The evocative Dax name returns to Honda’s European line-up after an absence of 41 years
  • ST125 Dax joins the Monkey and MSX125 Grom in Honda’s unique European mini-bike line-up
  • The Dax got its name from the Dachshund dog, with its short legs and long body
  • Unique, iconic T-shaped pressed steel frame provides around-town agility, ample strength for two up riding
  • Features 31mm USD forks, twin rear shocks, 12in blacked-out mini-bike wheels and ‘balloon’ tyres
  • Air cooled 124cc EURO5 engine, centrifugal clutch and four-speed gearbox
  • Two dynamic colour options